by Persephone

Author's note: Many thanks to Sionell, Liberty and Sean for betaing.

Spike could hear his men fighting over the dregs of a kill in the main room outside, but his attention was fixed on Drusilla. He was lying on the four-poster bed, propped up on one elbow, watching the candlelight gleam off her hair. She was sitting at her dressing table, wearing a long filmy black gown he recognized from their days in Prague, just before the unpleasantness with the mob.

His face darkened as he remembered how he had been unable to save her from a beating that would have killed any human. He had barely managed to rescue her in the nick of time, before the crazed locals dragged her to the block for a beheading. It had taken almost a year of searching to find the correct ritual to bring her back to her full strength, but soon his search would be over. But even though she was weakened, she was still beautiful and dangerous. A poisoned orchid.

Drusilla sat with a small pot in one hand, and a fine brush in the other. She was carefully painting her lips with a dark crimson glaze. It was difficult to do without a mirror, but from more than a century's practice, she did it without a single mistake. She felt his eyes on her back, and smiled slowly. She pressed her lips together to perfect the finish. Putting down the pot and the brush on the cluttered surface of the table, she got up and padded barefoot over to him, silent as a cat.

"Feeling lonely, my Spike? Want to play?" she whispered.

Spike patted the bed beside him. "I was just thinking how beautiful you are, love," he said. Drusilla smiled at the compliment and sat down beside him, sliding a hand up his bare chest. He watched her caressing hand with hooded eyes, as it traced the lines of the muscles under the pale skin.

"I'm not the only beautiful one, am I, Spike? You're my David, aren't you?" Drusilla said softly. They had both recently fed, and the warm blood in their veins was having a predictable, delicious effect. She leaned over him, showing her pointed white teeth, and bit one of his nipples sharply. Her small pink tongue licked away the blood bead that formed and savored the taste. He groaned in immediate arousal. "But you're not as cold as marble, not tonight," she said, a note of satisfaction in her voice.

"Never with you, kitten," he said hoarsely. Drusilla smiled at him welcomingly as he reached for her, then smacked his hand away hard.

She wagged a finger at him. "Play nicely, Spike. Or Miss Edith will be shocked. She's watching, you know."

Spike didn't give a good goddamn if the entire population of Sunnydale was watching. He was already painfully hard. Drusilla hummed a little melody to herself, as she slid a hand down and stroked him through his jeans.

Spike didn't move. He knew from experience, that if he did when she was in this mood, she would stop instantly, and not touch him at all for days. She wasn't like this often, but when she was, it was definitely best to go with the flow.

Drusilla unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them down a little. Taking out his distended cock, she stroked it lightly. Spike longed to thrust into her hand, but didn't dare. Drusilla watched the strain build on his face, smiling beatifically. She leaned down to him, putting her face within kissing distance of his. He knew what she wanted him to do. He carefully licked the most recent victim's blood off her lips.

"Mmm," Drusilla moaned. Then she sat back and watched his reactions, head on one side, big dark eyes glittering. She was deliberately stroking him hard enough to drive him crazy, but with no particular rhythm, and just a little too softly to let him find release. Even her gentleness was cruelty. He bit his lip, his hands groping above his head for something to hang onto. He found the wood of the bed head and gripped it. She stopped for a moment and Spike was almost relieved, but she was just moving downwards. She trailed her nails gently down his inner thigh, and then scraped them hard up towards his crotch.

Drusilla cupped the soft bulge of his testicles through the worn fabric of his jeans, and then tore through his jeans as though they were made of dampened paper. She dropped the shredded remains of his clothing on the floor carelessly while Spike watched her as a mouse watches a hawk.

For long minutes, she kissed and licked her way down his chest. Spike tipped his head back and closed his eyes to better enjoy the attention, sighing. Then she spread his legs gently with her hands, and he tensed immediately. He knew what was coming. She moved her right hand up to his face, and he opened his mouth obediently so she could wet one sharp nailed finger in his mouth. Then she waited, long enough that she could take pleasure in seeing the knowledge of what she was about to do bloom dully in his eyes like algae in a choking pond; and slid her finger into his ass. It hurt him, of course. Which was why she did it.

Drusilla smiled again as he tried not to flinch and failed. She leaned over him and her eyes were huge, her pupils dilated. She kissed him again, her mouth fierce on his this time, as her finger moved in and out of his body, none too gently. "Good boy," she whispered, adding a second un-lubricated finger and twisting. Through the blinding pain, he felt her deliberately stroke his prostate and moaned at the stabbing ecstasy. She watched in delight as fluid began to leak from the tip of his cock.

He was so hard now that his cock was almost flat against his belly. She gripped his erection with her free hand, pulling it straight up, pumping slowly as she added a third finger to his torment. Obscenities escaped his lips. The feel of her hand stroking his cock was indescribably good, but the pain was too great to allow him to come. Every second felt like eternity as Spike hung suspended between her hands, in agony, his cock so engorged that he felt the stretched skin was bound to split. And it went on and on. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore.

"Please," Spike ground out between his teeth.

"Sshh," Drusilla said, her eyes bright and avid on his face. She removed her fingers of her right hand slowly from the depths of his body, curling them as she did so, just enough to scrape her nails over his prostate. His whole body jerked and he barely managed to muffle a scream. Drusilla's eyes brightened further and she licked her lips in anticipation, as she crawled over him, straddling his thighs.

The soft billowy fabric of Drusilla's gown veiled her slim body from Spike's eyes as she moved, and with her other hand, unseen, she changed her grip on his cock. Her left hand now formed an excruciatingly tight circle around the base, more constricting than a cock ring. She held him with her inhuman strength, and he whimpered in defenceless pain. "Sshh, darling," she whispered. Spike wanted to obey, tried to be silent. But he couldn't help but groan as he felt her secret flesh, dripping with cool moisture, touch the head of his cock, part over it, and slide slowly down. His eyes rolled back into his head and although he tried not to move, the intensity of the sensation made him sit up involuntarily, then sink back weakly on the pillows.

The grip on the base of his penis didn't waver as Drusilla rose and fell above him languorously, rhythmically, using his helpless body for her pleasure. For Spike in his wildly over sensitized state, it was pure torture. He watched her rapturous face through a mist of pain, blood tears standing in his eyes. She was so beautiful.

Drusilla leaned down again and kissed him gently, then took his lower lip between her teeth, and he welcomed the sharp nip as she sank her teeth briefly into it. She sat back on him, and they both moaned as she managed to take him even deeper into her body. She began to move a fraction faster, grinding down on him. His hips automatically began to jerk up each time she sank down.

Drusilla's eyes were black, bottomless pools of need. She began to make little whimpering desperate cries and to move her hips in sharper, harder thrusts. Spike recognized the signs. He shakily brought his wrist to his mouth, bit deeply into the skin, and offered her the wound. Drusilla grabbed his trembling hand with a moan of relief and sucked his blood. She growled and bit the lacerated flesh in a frenzy. Her face shifted into and out of vampire state randomly as she lost control. Her hips became a blur of motion, slamming down on him and almost immediately, Spike felt the contractions of her strong inner muscles as she snarled and came.

"My love," he choked.

She collapsed on him, almost exhausted, but still her grip around his cock didn't ease.

Once she had rested for a few moments, she raised herself off him, surveying the tears on his face and the corded tension in his muscles with hungry eyes, drinking in his desperation. His cock was almost bruise-black with blood and swollen beyond even its usual erect size. Drusilla smiled happily. "Don't worry darling, Drusilla's going to take care of you," she said. Her face distorted into its demon guise, and she sank her fangs delicately into the head of his cock, piercing but not tearing the thin skin.

The bitter sting of her teeth, the sweet warm suction of her mouth... no force on earth could have stopped Spike from coming, as Drusilla finally, finally had mercy and released her iron hold on him.

He screamed in torment as his blood and semen burst into her mouth together. Drusilla sucked strongly, consuming the blood from his tortured cock, swallowing his erupting seed. It seemed to go on forever, come pumping out of him like scalding acid, hurting and burning him even as it was as close to heaven as his black shade would ever get. He groaned deep in his throat as successive waves of pleasure and pain submerged him in darkness.

He whimpered her name, and then everything went black.

When he came to, Drusilla was lying wrapped around him. She nuzzled the blond spiky hair at his temple affectionately. There was a dull ache in his cock and his wrist, and all his muscles were trembling. Drusilla giggled softly, her face human and beautiful again.

"My Spike," she said, dropping a gentle kiss on his cheek. "Sometimes I just want to eat you all up."


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