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The Long Kiss Goodnight is the story of a teacher who has amnesia but is living happily in suburbia with her husband and daughter. But following a car crash, she starts to remember flashes of a violent past. As her history starts to come back to haunt her, she hires a detective to help her track down the truth.

The Long Kiss Goodnight is that rarity, an intelligent and fun action movie with an Ass-Kicking Babe as the star of the show. The fanlisting is named after a particularly pithy quote from the script.

Please look around the site and feel free to join if you enjoy this movie too.

NEW! To date, no official sequel to The Long Kiss Goodnight has been produced. However, there's now Kiss After Midnight - a 3-page sequel by John Gilheany, which he has kindly given me permission to host here!

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