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Diana is a goddess. She is the goddess of the moon, a virgin, a hunter, and protector of animals, the forest, children, and women in childbirth. According to Roman mythology, she was the daughter of Latona (herself the daughter of the moon and the sky) and Jupiter. Diana represents to me all that is wild, creative, and untamed. She is the goddess not only of hunting, but of wild things and animals, of the moon, and of childbirth and children. In my opinion, she must be one of the oldest Goddesses, as her name means either 'Divine' or 'Light'. The Greek goddess Artemis is her equivalent.

An excellent resource on goddesses from a myriad of cultures, including a specific resource on Diana and one on Diana's wilder side, Artemis can be found at Thalia Took's site, which apart from some delightful art, houses OGOD, a.k.a. the Obscure Goddess Online Directory! Check it out; it's fabulous.

For more information on modern-day worship of the goddess Diana, visit Z Budapest's Dianic Wicca site.


Wikipedia's article on Diana.

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