Welcome to the fanfiction section. All these stories feature either Éomer or Éowyn as narrator, major character, or otherwise the focus. The stories on this page, all of which are suitable for readers of any age, are arranged alphabetically by author's name.

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Ashes, East Winds, Hope That Rises by ErinRua. Rated G.

"We left the enemy's reeking ashes as carrion for the crows, and regretted only the good earth thus fouled. A blow struck -- but not enough. It may never be enough. I am twenty-seven years old, and I have lived to face the end of days."

The peril of Rohan, the duplicity of the Wormtongue, and the coming of hope to the Riddermark, as seen through Éomer's eyes. The cast includes Eomer, Aragorn, Theoden, Grima, Éowyn, Hama, Gimli, Legolas and several good horses.

Note: Really good writing and characterization. Highly recommended.

In Bliss by Jen. Rated G.

"Ten years ago, Éowyn of Rohan sought death on the fields of battle. Ten years ago, Théoden King, her uncle, fell to the darkness. Ten years ago, she lingered in the Houses of Healing. Ten years ago, she longed for the love of the man who is now King. Remembering these things puts her in no mind to celebrate."

Sweet Dreams, Little Angel by Evening Nightshade. Rated G.

Éomer sees his baby sister for the first time, and wonders what she will be like when she grows up. Note that the author herself describes this story as 'sentimental mush' so brace yourself for schmoop! :)

Adrift by dolarabee. Rated G.

Éomer's thoughts during the aftermath of the Battle of Pelennor Field. Although it has a few jarring word choices and the odd typo ('Yay' where I think the author must have intended 'Yea' for example), it captures the dislocated and disorientated feeling of shock well.

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