The rules are quite simple and pretty much the same as for all fanlistings, but just in case you've not come across them before:

  1. This is a fanlisting for the relationship between Éomer and Éowyn. (It is not for the individual characters. Check out the extras page for those.) The fanlisting is also not specifically for any kind of deeper relationship between the two, but if you like that idea, more power to you!
  2. No website is required to join! However, if you do have a website, please put a code up somewhere easy to find on your page to show you love Éomer and Éowyn's relationship.
  3. Nothing offensive on your page, please. I list websites at my own discretion. I will list your name no matter what, though.
  4. The only required fields are your name (or a reasonable nickname), your email, and your country. Everything else is optional!

Okay with you? Go ahead and grab a code...

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